Posted in January 2013

DOE Re: Extracurricular Athletics for Disabled Students

As you may or may not be aware, the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague” letter on Friday relative to schools obligations to provide participation opportunities for disabled students in extra-curricular activities pursuant to Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. You can access the letter from this communication.… Continue reading »

Concussions Workshop

Conference 2012 Speaker :  William M Heinz, MD, OA Center for Orthopedics What is a Concussion “ Any alteration of mental function following a blow to the head that may or may not involve a loss of consciousness” Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Neurological impairment which has rapid onset, and is self-resolving and short-lived (usually)… Continue reading »

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