The NIAAA organization structure includes numerous committees that manage many of the tasks of the organization. NIAAA members may serve the organization as a member of one of these committees. At each summer board of directors meeting, persons are select from a pool and invited to serve on a committee. The committee pool includes persons who have forwarded a completed committee application to the NIAAA Secretary or to the NIAAA office. All committee applications remain in the committee pool for three years.


This committee is responsible for maintaining the NIAAA accreditation status, fulfilling annual document submission requests from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement  and preparing for subsequent accreditation reviews by NCA CASI.


Name City/State
Al Sersland, CMAA, Chair Leon, KS
Holly Farnese, CMAA, Vice Chair Upper Darby, PA
Steve Amaro, CMAA Oakley, CA
Barbara Deichl, CAA Waukesha, WI
Scott Garvis, CMAA Newton, IA
Jeff Morris, CMAA Misenheimer, NC
Jaime Sherwood, CMAA Plymouth, MN
Kris Welch, CMAA Hillsboro, OR
Steve Young, CMAA New Rochelle, NY


This committee administers the procedural process of soliciting, collecting and screening all NIAAA award nominations. The committee makes recommendations to the board of directors concerning all NIAAA recognition programs. The committee meets annually during the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic administrators.


Name City/State
Mike McGurk, CMAA, Chair Jefferson City, MO
Monica Barrett, CAA Scottsdale, AZ
Bill Bruno, CMAA Brick, NJ
John Frizzell, CMAA, Vice-Chair Chippewa Falls, WI
John Gregory, CMAA Nampa, ID
Everett Kelepolo, CMAA, Vice-Chair Spanish Fork, UT
Mike Krueger, CMAA Aurora, CO
Peggy Seegers-Braun, CMAA Milwaukee, WI
Michael Snyder, CAA Seminole, OK
Bob Stratton, CAA Mechanicsville,VA
Murphee Hayes, CAA Whitney Point, NY
Lamarr Glenn, CAA Sandy Springs, GA
Mark Edgemon, CMAA Cucamanga, CA
Lauren Otero, CMAA Tampa, FL
Andy Jalwan, CAA Strongsville, OH
Todd Palmer, CAA Chamberlain, SD


This committee administers the three levels of the NIAAA Certification program, including reviewing and refining the CAA exam, training CAA test administrators, promoting professional development and recommending program policies and procedures to the board of directors. Membership is limited to persons who have attained the CAA designation. The committee meets annually at the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors. Committee members are responsible for committee work throughout the year.


Name City/State
Jake Von Scherrer, CMAA, Vice Chair Tallahassee, FL
Tol Gropp, CMAA, Vice Chair Boise, ID
Clayton Carter, CMAA Wendover, UT
Mike Garvey, CMAA Kalamazoo, MI
Mike Jackson, CMAA Hanover, NH
Ron Lanham, CMAA Beaufort, SC
James McClowry, CMAA Appleton, WI
Marcia Nissel, CMAA Hagerstown, MD
Brad O’Donnell, CMAA St. Clair, MN
Joseph Paddock, CMAA Oro Valley, AZ
Jon Payne, CMAA Franklin, OH
Margaret Seng, CMAA Ann Arbor, MI
Peter Shambo, CMAA, Chair Penfield, NY
Joey Struwe, CMAA Sioux Falls, SD
David Lezenski, CMAA Lowell, MA
Sandra Howell, CMAA Little Elm, TX

Coaches Education

This committee is responsible for promoting the NFHS Coaches Education Program within the sections and states working with the state athletic director associations. Committee members share innovative strategies used in other sections and states with the leadership of the states in their section. The committee meets throughout the year via conference call and at the national conference.


Name City/State
Ted D’Alessio, CMAA, Chair Millburn, NJ
Kevin Simmerman, CMAA, Vice Chair Lincoln, NE
Jeannie Prevosto, CMAA Ellicott City, MD
Tony Diaz, CMAA Oxnard, CA
Angie Miller, CMAA Nashville, NC
Gerry Nutt Kuna, ID
Doug Smith, CMAA Naperville, IL

Conference Advisory (NIAAA/NFHS)

This committee in a joint NIAAA/NFHS Committee with each organization appointing half of the members. The committee is responsible for working with NFHS and NIAAA staff to plan the annual conference. The committee meets once in early February in Indianapolis and meets at the national conference. The committee assists the two organizations at the conference with the “First Time Attendee Orientation”.


Name City/State
Damian Frassinelli, CMAA Stafford Springs, CT
Jean Vanderpool, CAA Elkridge, MD
Jeryl Fischtziur, CAA Metairie, LA
Brent Cook, CMAA Dubuque, IA
Sandra Walter Indianapolis, IN
Edward Moreno, CAA Hillsboro, MO
David Glover Oklahoma City, OK
Renee Regoli, CAA Gilbert, AZ


This committee solicits and certifies the state athletic director association voting delegates to the NIAAA Delegate Assembly. The committee administers the annual at-large election for a board of director position including operating the election voting booth. These committee functions occur at the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors. The committee also makes recommendations to the board of directors concerning the legislative procedures of the organization.


Name City/State
Becky Moran, CMAA, Chair Flossmoor, IL
Sandy Luu, CAA, Vice Chair Portland, OR
Damian Frassinelli, CMAA, Vice Chair Stafford Springs, CT
Bob Hill, CMAA Durham, NC
Jasper Jewell, CMAA Atlanta, GA
Brett Jones, CAA Andover, KS
Sean Dowling, CMAA Madison, NJ
Robert Polk, CMAA Everett, WA
Tina Tamura, CMAA Los Angeles, CA
Mike Wagner, CAA Dover, DE
Tom Wilson, CMAA Green River, WY
Andre Walker, CMAA Houston, TX
Steve Throne, CMAA Omaha, NE
Zac Stevenson, CMAA Battle Creek, MI
Brad Criss, CMAA Waldorf, MD
Mike Hunter, CAA Provo, UT


This committee is charged with the responsibility of building the value of the endowment fund. The committee seeks to provide a variety of giving opportunities for NIAAA members and friends, to identify individuals, friends and institutions as potential endowment participants and to promote the value of the endowment to the membership, friends and institutions. The committee administers the annual NIAAA Endowment golf tournament held in conjunction with the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors.


Name City/State
Todd Gilkey, CAA, Chair Saint Maries, ID
Marmion Dambrino, CMAA, Vice Chair Houston, TX
Jeff Benson, CMAA South Paris, ME
Candace Cayer, CMAA, Vice Chair Ontario, CA
Julian Domenech, RAA Severna Park, MD
Derek Maki, CMAA Baltimore, MD
Lauren Massey-West, CAA Rock Hill, SC
Micah Hauben, CMAA Needham, MA
Mike Mossbrucker Mooresville, IN
Daniel Ninestine, CAA Port St. Lucie, FL
Mike Roy, CMAA Vicksburg, MI
Carlos Reed, CAA San Francisco, CA
Jason Wiberg, CMAA Devils Lake, ND
Michael Gatley, CMAA Linwood, NJ
Matt Heckel, CAA Littleton, CO
Shelly Heath, CAA Boise, ID
Dr. Chris Loofe, CAA Omaha, NE
Brian Knab, CMAA Charlotte, NC

Hall of Fame

This committee is responsible for selecting qualified candidates for nomination to the NFHS Hall of Fame. Upon approval of a candidate by the board of directors, the committee gathers and prepares the necessary nomination form with supporting materials for submission to the NFHS screening committee. The committee meets annually at the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors.


Name City/State
Scott Drabczyk, CAA, Chair Ocoee, FL
Fred Smith, CMAA, Vice Chair Buchanan, MI
Steve Berseth, CMAA Brookings, SD
Deon Birkes Lincoln, AR
Keith Morioka, CMAA Hilo, HI
Tom Nerl, CMAA Cincinnati, OH
Elizabeth Penkala, CAA Bristol, RI
Dwayne Johnson, CMAA Port Angeles, WA

Leadership Training Institute

This committee is responsible for administering the NIAAA Leadership Training professional development program. This coordinating committee oversees all aspects of the program including curriculum development, curriculum revision, teaching faculty and at least two yearly meetings with LTI State Coordinators. In addition to meeting with state coordinators, the coordinating committee meets two to three times each year.


Name City/State
Jim Watkins, CMAA, Chair Louisville, KY
Don Bales, CMAA Lowell, IN
Duane Kramer, CMAA Richmond, TX
Dr. Scott Smith, CAA Athens, OH


The purpose is to promote NIAAA membership with individuals, state associations and sections by emphasizing the benefits, professional development opportunities and programs available through the association. Further, to identify, create and solicit growth initiatives for recommendation to the Board of Directors. Finally, to implement and evaluate ongoing programs that has been established by the Board of Directors.


Name City/State
Jean Ashen, CMAA, Chair Salinas, CA
Jason Corley, CMAA Long Beach, NJ
Scott Dorsett, CMAA, Vice Chair Bell Buckle, TN
David Preheim, CAA Elkhart, IN
Lorell Jungling, CMAA Mandan, ND
Chris Babb Arkadelhia, AR
Dave Tikker, CAA Spokane, WA

National Initiative and Assistance Network

This committee coordinates the National Initiative and Assistance Network of the NIAAA. The purpose of the NIAN is for use by members in cases of medical or vehicular emergencies when traveling or to assist the office in the case of a natural disaster. The committee secures two emergency contact persons in each state and coordinates the publicity of this list of emergency contacts. The committee has one member from each of the eight NIAAA geographical sections and meets each year in conjunction with the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors.


Name City/State
Joni Pabst, CAA, Chair Tucson, AZ
Fred Balsamo, CMAA, Vice Chair Wallingford, CT
Mike Monacelli, CMAA Caledonia, NY
Carol Satterwhite, CAA Columbia, MD
Ron Balazs, CAA Sarasota, FL
John Szabo, CAA Bloomington, IL
Michael Purdy, CAA Bellevue, NE
Ed Lockwood, CMAA Bismark,ND
Brenda Marshall, CMAA Corpus Christi, TX
Marc Hunter, CMAA Sandy, UT
Ted Reynolds, CAA Middletown, ID


This committee’s primary function is to maintain the professional status of the NIAAA’s official publication, Interscholastic Athletic Administration. The committee solicits and screens topics of concern to athletic administrators and the authors who can make a significant contribution to the IAA magazine as well as other publications. In addition, the committee conducts the Blue Ribbon Panel held annually at the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors. Committee membership requires a significant time commitment. The committee meets twice yearly during the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors and during the NIAAA summer board meeting.


Name City/State
John DiColo, CMAA, Chair Oak Ridge, NJ
Bill Fitzgerald, CMAA, Vice Chair Fremont, NE
Tony Diaz, CMAA Oxnard, CA
Karen Leinaar, CAA Bear Lake, MI
Michael Hughes, CAA Aurora, CO
Joseph Keller, CAA Tacoma, WA
Pam Lea, CAA Cleburne, TX
Amy Molina, CMAA Montpelier, VT
Mark Rerick, CMAA Grand Forks, ND
Myles Wilson, CMAA Spartanburg, SC
Sandi Wagner, CAA Juneau, AK
Lisa Corprew, CAA Virginia Beach, VA
Ryan Walker, CAA Dublin, OH


To identify and research contemporary issues that impact education based athletics and athletic administration; to present topics to the Board of Directors for authorization to write white papers or position statements; develop member surveys that will provide a statistical basis for white paper or position resolution; to write white papers and/or position resolution that reflect the view of the NIAAA and athletic administrators for presentation to the Board of Directors.


Name City/State
Annette Scogin, CMAA, Chair Dallas, TX
Thom Holdgate, CMAA Duxbury, MA
Marianne Shultz, CMAA Glen Burnie, MD
Deran Coe, CMAA Cary, NC
Jim Langkamp Baraboo, WI
Bill Clements, CAA North Sioux City, SD
Jamie Sheetz, CMAA Park City, UT
Robert Swaim, CMAA, Vice Chair Auburn, WA


The retired leadership is selected during the retired members meeting held each year in conjunction with the NFHS National Conference for athletic directors. The retired organization serves to support the NIAAA and to utilize the expertise of the group to assist the NIAAA. The functions of the group are conducted at the annual NIAAA meetings held in conjunction with the NFHS Conference. Some of the functions of the group include administering the 50/50 raffle, the exhibit hall basketball shoot and conducting the annual meeting state door prize drawing.


Name City/State
Les Wright, CAA, Chair Borden, IN
Gene Robertson,CAA, Vice Chair Indianapolis, IN
Larry Schwenke, CMAA, Vice Chair Coeur D’Alene, ID
David Bell, CMAA Zanesville, OH
Jay Radar, CAA Palm Beach Gardens, FL
David Boyack, CAA Spanish Fork, UT
Jeff Whitney, CAA Camdenton, MO

Sports Turf

This committee advises the NIAAA board of directors regarding matters of sports turf. In addition, the committee provides education and instruction to athletic administrators and field managers concerning maintenance of sport fields and improving the safety of sport fields. Committee membership is a mixture of athletic administrators and corporate persons from the sport turf industry. The committee meets twice each year, with one of the meetings being held in conjunction with the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors.


Name City/State
Hugh McReynolds, CAA, Chair Russellville, KY
Bobby Behr, CAA Summerville, SC
George Bernardon Monroe, GA
Boyd Montgomery The Toro Company
Bill Hoglund, CAA Hope, AR
James Means, CAA Wichita, KS
Lynda Wightman Hunter Industries
Greg Whitley, CMAA, Vice Chair Baltimore, MD
Jonathan Vincent, CAA Bowling Green, KY

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