Why the NIAAA?

Athletic Administrators consistently contribute the longest days among staff members in most American school districts. The second work day begins when the regular school day ends, and what has been planned, organized and implemented by the athletic administrator, goes into action. Whether an athletic administrator, assistant principal in charge of athletics, athletic director, coordinator, liaison or supervisor; there is a delicate balance among profession, personal time, and family, as the ‘AD’ provides student participation opportunities within education based athletic programs.

How does being a part of a professional association fit a busy lifestyle? What does this professional organization provide that will assist in adding order to a sometimes hectic schedule? How can individuals with a heart for helping others succeed be assured assured they are affiliated with a like minded group?  Why the NIAAA?

As we lead each day in school communities helping build tomorrow’s future, each of us understands and relies on such qualities as integrity, credibility and a shared mission. These practical and often emotional criteria are ones that assist in determining in what areas we will rely, share experiences, and devote time and energy.

The NIAAA champions the profession of administering athletic programs in our nation’s high schools and middle schools. No other body values, promotes, preserves, supports and stands ready to uplift the cause of the athletic administrator, as does the NIAAA. Providing education, leadership and service platforms allows the NIAAA to best help colleagues network, choose from resources, draw from practices and give back to your profession while advancing in one’s career.

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