Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (FIAAA)

  • Approximate number of state athletic administrator association members: 720
  • Annual membership dues for state athletic administrator association: $ 20
  • Upcoming state conference: May 2019
  • Website address of state athletic administrators association:www.fiaaa.org

Executive Director of Athletic Administrators Association:

Ron Balazs CAA
8926 Olde Hickory Ave
Sarasota FL, 34238

Office: 941-966-2613
E-mail Address:rbalazs@fiaaa.org


Scott Drabczyk
Office: 386-253-5213
E-mail: sdrabczyk@fatherlopez.org
School: Father Lopez High School

NIAAA Liaison:

Ron Balazs
(See Above)

NIAAA Leadership Training Coordinator #1:

Andy Chiles CAA
12500 Narcoossee Rd.
Orlando, Fl. 32832

Office: 407-956-8306
Fax: 407-956-8335
E-mail: andrew.chiles@ocps.net

School: Lake Nona High School

NIAAA Leadership Training Coordinator #2:

Lanness Robinson CMAA
1202 Palm Ave.
Tampa,FI. 33584

Office: 813-273-7536
Fax: 813-273-7310
E-mail: lanness.robinson@sdhc.k12 .fl.us

School: Hillsborough Public Schools

NIAAA Certification Coordinator:

Jake VonScherrer, CMAA
Office: 850-893-2138
E-mail: jvonscherrer@maclay.org

School: Maclay High School


Lauren Otero
Office: 813-272-3033
E-mail: lauren.otero@sdhc.k12.fl.us

School: Plant High School


Mike Colby CMAA
(See Above)

Awards Chairperson:

Andy Chiles CAA
(See Above)

State Conference Coordinator:

President Elect and Executive Director

Exhibits Chairperson:

Jerri Kelly CAA
Office: 407-746-3564
E-mail: jerri_kelly@scps.k12.fl.us

School: Dixie Hollins High School

NIAAA Emergency Network Contact #1:

Jay Rader

Office: 561-713-4816
Email: jvrader@aol.com

NIAAA Emergency Network Contact #2:

Ron Balazs CAA
Sarasota FL, 34238

Office: 941-966-2613
E-mail: Rbalazs@aol.com


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