Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Assoc. (MIAAA)

  • Approximate number of state athletic administrator association members: 525
  • Annual member dues for MIAAA dual membership with NIAAA: $70 + $80 NIAAA
  • Upcoming state conference: March 1-18, 2019 at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa in Acme, MI
  • Website: miaaa.com

Executive Director:

George Lovich 
44142 Parkside St.
Canton, MI 48187

Office: 734 455-5056
Fax: 734 455-6008
E-mail: glovich4@gmail.com


Dr. Dallas Lintner, CMAA, 989-721-0736, lintner@owosso.k12.mi.us

NIAAA Liaison:

Deb VanKuiken, CMAA, debvankuiken@gmail.com
Fred Smith, CMAA, fjsmith21655@gmail.com
Meg Seng, CMAA, mseng@greenhillsschool.org

NIAAA Leadership Training Coordinators:

Mike Garvey CMAA, mgarvey@hackettcp.com
Fred Smith, CMAA, fjsmith21655@gmail.com
Meg Seng, CMAA, mseng@greenhillsschool.org

NIAAA Certification Coordinator:

Fred Smith, CMAA, fjsmith21655@gmail.com
Justin Ansel, CMAA,


Mike Roy, CMAA, 269-720-3269, mroy@vicksburgschools.org


George Lovich, glovich4@gmail.com

Awards Chairperson:

Carl Arkema, CAA, cwarkdog457@gmail.com

Membership Chairperson:

George Lovich, glovich4@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor


State Conference Coordinator:

Bill Mick, bmick5565@charter.net

Exhibits Chairperson:

Chris Ceresa, chris.ceresa@hvs.org

NIAAA Emergency Network Contacts:

George Lovich, glovich4@gmail.com
Deb VanKuiken, CMAA, debvankuiken@gmail.com

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