New Jersey

Directors of Athletics Association of New Jersey, Inc. (DAANJ)

  • Approximate number of state athletic administrator association members: 325
  • Annual membership dues for state athletic administrator association: $120.00 dual membership
  • Upcoming conference: March 2019 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Website: DAANJ.ORG

Executive Director:

Bob Hopek, CMAA
1913 Maple Ave.
Easton, PA 18040

Cell Phone: 908-319-0307
E-mail address:

School: Retired


Denis Nelson, CMAA, Phone: 201-599-7212,

NIAAA Liaison:

Dave Suiter, CMAA, 856-275-6445,

NIAAA Leadership Training Coordinator #1:

Dave Suiter, CMAA, 856-275-6445,

NIAAA Leadership Training Coordinator #2:

Sean Dowling, CMAA, 973-593-3117 x3144,

NIAAA Certification Coordinator:

Dave Suiter, CMAA, 856-275-6445,


Dave Ryden, CAA,


Carl Buffalino, 732-613-4014 Ex: 6224,

Awards Chairperson:

Carl Buffalino, 732-613-4014 Ex: 6224,

Membership Chairperson:

Dave Suiter, CMAA, 856-275-6445,

Newsletter Editor:

Robert Grace, CMAA, 732-295-2130,

State Conference Coordinator:

Dave Ryden, CAA,

Exhibits Chairperson:

William Vacca, 973-389-2032,

NIAAA Emergency Network Contacts:

Bob Rossi, 908-284-7175,
Dave Suiter, CMAA,

NIAAA Coaching Education Contact

Ted D’Alessio, 973-564-7165,

Dave Suiter, CMAA, 856-275-6445,


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