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All CAA Exams starting in 2017 will be online.  Please bring a fully charged laptop or tablet, either Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser, and a valid photo ID to take the exam.  Your username and password are required to access the exam.

October 2018

Date Location
3 Montgomery, AL CAA Exam
3 Rocky Hill, CT CAA Exam
9 Charlottesville, VA LTC 503, LTC 504, LTC 506, LTC 511, LTC 614, LTC 705
10 Charlottesville, VA CAA Exam
10 Honolulu, HI CAA Exam
14 Sioux Falls, SD CAA Exam
17 Russellville, AR CAA Exam
20 Ellicott City, MD CAA Exam
20 Little Rock, AR LTC 608, LTC 617
21 Wilsonville, OR CAA Exam
27 Grayslake, IL CAA Exam
28 Winston-Salem, NC CAA Exam

November 2018

Date Location
2 Latham, NY CAA Exam
3-4 East Lansing, MI LTC 501, LTC 502, LTC 504, LTC 506
4 Kearney, NE CAA Exam
4 Louisville, KY CAA Exam
4 Topeka, KS CAA Exam
5 Franklin, MA CAA Exam
7 St. Peters, MO LTC 506, LTC 630, LTC 720
13 Columbus, OH CAA Exam
13 Kenner, LA CAA Exam
13 Wilmington, DE CAA Exam
13 Wisconsin Dells, WI CAA Exam
15 Granada Hills, CA CAA Exam
21 Bixby, OK CAA Exam

December 2018

Date Location
1 East Lansing, MI CAA Exam
1 Tucson, AZ CAA Exam
4 Houston, TX CAA Exam
15-18 San Antonio, TX National Athletic Directors Conference
18 San Antonio, TX CAA Exam*
*Must be registered for the National Athletic Directors Conference to sit for LTI courses and the CAA Exam in San Antonio, TX on Dec. 15-18, 2018.

January 2019

Date Location
2 Providence, RI CAA Exam

February 2019

Date Location

March 2019

Date Location
6 Lincoln, NE CAA Exam
14 Atlantic City, NJ CAA Exam
15 Saratoga Springs, NY CAA Exam
24 South Burlington, VT CAA Exam
25 Coralville, IA CAA Exam

April 2019

Date Location
1 Fargo, ND CAA Exam
4 Rockport, ME CAA Exam
11 San Diego, CA CAA Exam
15 Murfreesboro, TN CAA Exam
27 Ocean City, MD CAA Exam
28 Breckenridge, CO CAA Exam

May 2019

Date Location
4 Orlando, FL CAA Exam

June 2019

Date Location
13 Columbus, OH CAA Exam
24 Latham, NY CAA Exam

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