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Graduate Credit for NIAAA LTI Classes

Department:              Physical Education, Health, and Sport
Course:                       Phed 5960 – NIAAA Leadership Training
Course Credit             1Credit
Cost:                           $423.18
Term/Year:                Offered Fall & Spring Semesters, and Summer Session
Professor:                   Dr. Eric Forsyth
Mailing Address:       204 PE Complex, Box 29
                                    1500 Birchmont Drive NE
                                    Bemidji, MN 56601
Office Phone:             (218) 755 – 2083

This workshop has been designed to allow athletic administrators to earn academic graduate credit through Bemidji State University for leadership training courses completed at a State or NIAAA conference.

Leadership training course text(s) you received while in attendance at a State or NIAAA conference.

Complete:        1 LTC course          

1.  Read course text (5-hours)
2.  Article review (2.5-hours)
3.  Complete text case exercises (2.5-hours)
4.  Interview (2.5-hours)
5.  Reflective summary (2.5-hours)
6.  Photocopy of course certificate

Completing Workshop Requirements

A graduate level course for 1 credit requires a minimum of 15-hours of contact time.  Since this is an online course, time spent on completing the course requirements is estimated on this required minimum. At the student’s discretion, rather than taking the entire semester to complete the workshop requirements, s/he could actually complete the course requirements in one weekend.  The choice is the student’s.  The whole intent of the course requirements is to help athletic administrator’s apply the course content to his/her day-to-day responsibilities. 

Workshop Requirements

Article Review:  Select an article from your personal library on a topic related to the LTC course you attended at the State or NIAAA conference.  Complete a one-page synopsis (type-written and double-spaced) how the information from the article can help your day-to-day responsibilities as an athletic administrator.  The IAA journal is an excellent choice.

Case Exercises:  Exercises are provided in the course text that was presented to you during the LTC course you attended at the State or NIAAA conference.  Complete a one-page synopsis (typed-written and double-spaced) explaining how these exercises can help your day-to-day responsibilities as an athletic administrator.

Interview: Select a colleague from your personal network who has extended experience and a keen understanding to the LTC course you attended at a State or NIAAA conference.  Develop questions (3-5) that reflect the LTC course you completed.  Your interview can be face-to-face, phone conversation, or communication via e-mail.  Questions and responses need to be typed-written,one-page summary.

Reflective Summary:  Complete a one-page reflective summary (typed-written and double spaced) for each LTC course you attended at the State or NIAAA conference.  Reflective summary will entail: (a) information you learned while attending the course seminar, (b) information you learned from reviewing your course text(s), and (c) how this information can be applied to your day-to-day responsibilities as an athletic administrator.

Certificate:  All participants completing LTC courses at the State or NIAAA conference receive a certificate for successful completion from the NIAAA.  Please submit a photocopy of the certificate along with your workshop requirements.


  • ·         Article Review (25 points)
  • ·         Case Exercises (25 points)
  • ·         Interview)
  • ·         Reflective Summary (25 points)


Points                          Percent                        Grade

90 – 100                      90 – 100                      A
80 – 89                        80 – 89                        B
70 – 79                        70 – 79                        C
60 – 69                        60 – 69                        D
  0 – 59                         0 – 59                         F

Suggested Workshop Schedule


  • ·         Read course text

WEEK 2 – 4 

  • ·         Complete article review 

WEEK 5 – 7

  • ·         Complete case exercises 

WEEK 8 – 10

  • ·         Complete interview

 WEEK 11 – 13

  • ·         Complete reflective summary

WEEK 14 – 15

  • ·         Complete workshop evaluation                          

Closing Remarks

You are encouraged to contact me throughout the semester / summer (i.e., by phone, e-mail, or a combination of both).  This will allow you to discuss any concerns you may have.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  I will do my best to assist you so that the workshop will be a valuable learning experience.If for any reason you cannot adhere to the suggested course schedule time-frame, please contact me as soon as possible so a more convenient time-frame can be arranged to fit individual circumstances.

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