NIAAA Membership

If you are involved in administering interscholastic athletics at either the high school, middle school or junior high level, you should join the National Interscholastic Athletc Administrators Association. The NIAAA is a national professional organization administered by and for athletic administrators for the purpose of:

  • Promoting the professional growth and image of interscholastic athletic administrators
  • Promoting the development and prestige of state athletic administrators organizations which will contribute, in cooperation with state high school associations, to the interscholastic athletic program of each state
  • Providing an efficient system for the exchange of ideas between the National Federation of State High School Associations and state athletic directors organizations and individual athletic administrators
  • Preserving the educational nature of interscholastic athletics and the place of these programs in the curricula of schools

Membership Benefits

  • Interscholastic Athletic Administration, a quarterly professional journal written by and for athletic administrators
  • High School Today, a monthly NFHS publication includes information on national issues affecting interscholastic athletics and activity programs
  • $2,000,000 liability insurance while performing the duties of an athletic administrator
  • $2500 term life insurance
  • Ability to purchase Long Term Health Care at discount rates
  • Ability to purchase excess Cancer Insurance and Accident Insurance at discount rates
  • Discount on registration fees for the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for high school directors of athletics
  • Opportunities to serve on national committees
  • Exclusive $10 per year subscription to receive online From the Gym to the Jury publication that includes current legal rulings related to athletics (Subscribe at and select “Subscribe Now” – Subscription code is NIAAA)
  • Opportunity to nominate students from your school for the NIAAA Scholarship annually
  • Opportunity for national recognition through the NIAAA Awards Program

Membership Categories

  • Regular ($80) - anyone employed by a school or school district or state association who has among their duties the administration of interscholastic athletics
  • Retired ($30) - any person retired from active athletic administration and who has been a regular member of the NIAAA. Retired members do not receive the liability insurance benefit
  • Lifetime, Regular ($800) - available to anyone who qualifies as a regular member
  • Lifetime, Retired ($300) - available to anyone who qualifies as a retired member
  • Associate ($80) - anyone who is involved in athletic administration or school administration at any level or anyone who is a student or instructor in athletic administration
  • Student ($15) - any degree seeking person enrolled in college undergraduate classes associated with education or athletic administration, management or marketing. Student members receive receive all benefits afforded a regular member except insurance benefits and holding office

To manage your member profile or to join as a new member select here

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Note: With exception of the Lifetime category, all membership fees are for one year.

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