NIAAA Professional Development Member Intern

Member Intern Opportunity
National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

The NIAAA has developed a program for members that is designed to introduce the structure of the Professional Development Academy programs, evaluate interest in various segments of PDA, develop PDA service capacity, and educate in aspects of PDA makeup.

The member adult intern position is specifically intended for those who have a heart for the Professional Development Academy and its entities of Assessment criteria and methods, member Certification, the Leadership Training Institute, and continuous Educational Initiatives.

An adult member candidate selected as for the internship will be required to participate and serve in four key events throughout a one year period. The intern will participate and assist in review, planning, and evaluation of all aspects of the academy programs with the PDA Leadership Team and NIAAA staff. Agendas will be built and provide structure for each of the following required events.

  1. July 2019 – 4 days of meetings at the NIAAA offices in Indianapolis with PDA Leadership Team, and LTI review teams.
  2. September 2019 – 4 day meeting in Indianapolis of PDA Leadership Team and PDA State Coordinators Seminar.
  3. December 2019– 6 days at the National Athletic Directors Conference involved in all pre and concurrent aspects of the conference. The intern will serve as intern partial staff member working a number of facets of the conference with emphasis on PDA. Service will include such areas as unpacking all conference materials, along with delivery, equipment set-up and inventory, staging and logistics. In addition, involvement will include meetings and scanning.

(It is doubtful that the intern will be able to participate in attendee functions of the national conference including taking or teaching LTI courses, serving at the Delegate Assembly, etc.)

  1. February 2020– 3 days of meetings in Indianapolis with PDA Leadership Team and

      LTI course review teams  

The member adult intern will not receive compensation in this role, however, travel, lodging and meal expenses will be budgeted for by the NIAAA for the meetings in July, September and February. The Intern will pay his/her own expenses for the National Athletic Directors Conference including travel, lodging and meals. The NIAAA will pay for registration only at the national conference. The inability to attend, or complete, any of the above events will result in removal from the internship.

The internship will run from July 1 to June 30 for a single year. The specific dates for the 2019-20 internship are as follows, and includes travel days:

            July 11 to 14

            September 6 to 9

            December 13 to 18

            February 6 to 8

Initial Application Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s or higher degree preferred
  • Secondary school athletic administrative experience
  • CAA required, CMAA preferred

Anyone interested should complete the enclosed fillable form and return by May 1, 2019. Email or send by regular mail to:

            Mike Blackburn
            NIAAA Executive Director
            9100 Keystone Crossing
            Indianapolis, IN  46240
Or, email at:

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