NIAAA Professional Outreach Program

Goal of Program

To provide Professional Development opportunities for athletic administrators who are unable to attend state or national conferences. Specific targeted groups include but are not limited to urban, rural, middle school.

Download the NIAAA Outreach Program application form.

NIAAA Provides

  • LTC 501 (course, materials, certificate)
  • LTC 502 (course, materials, certificate)
  • RAA Certification (certificate)
  • One year membership of NIAAA
  • Scholarship one person for every ten program attendees with registration and lodging to next national conference

NOTE: LTC 700 can be offered in place of LTC 502 if middle level athletic administrators choose this option. RAA Certification will be issued upon outreach attendee completion of LTC 502

Applying Agency

  • Have a local program coordinator
  • Must – Provide the facility, lunch for participants and refreshments
  • Pledge to continue professional development for outreach participants in subsequent years


  • NIAAA will secure instructors from the state where the outreach is being conducted whenever possible
  • NIAAA will order manuals to be shipped to an address as designated by the local program coordinator
  • Local Program coordinator will make all local arrangements including facility, audio visual needs, refreshments and luncheon for attendees

Outreach Efforts 2006 through 2017

Location Year
Indianapolis, Memphis 2006
Omaha 2007
Baltimore, District of Columbia, Kansas, Oregon, Washington 2008
Louisiana, Maine, Philadelphia 2009
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin 2010
Michigan, Pittsburgh 2011
Alabama, California, Illinois, Kansas, Delaware 2012
Hawaii, Michigan, DC, Oregon, South Carolina 2-13
Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, West Virginia 2014
Colorado, Idaho, Ohio, Washington 2015
Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Nashville, New York, Michigan 2016
California 2017
Endowment Funds Contributed Toward Program $238,923
Number of Athletic Administrators Benefited 1083
Persons Receiving Scholarship to National Conference 111
Average Endowment Contribution Per Participant $220.61
  • Participant Benefits as Part of Outreach:
  • Leadership Training Courses 501 and 502
  • One Year Complimentary NIAAA Membership
  • Earned RAA Certification
  • 10 % Receive Scholarship Registration and Lodging at National Conference
  • Opportunity to Further Develop Self Professionally

The purpose of the Professional Outreach Program is to reach athletic directors around the nation who may not have opportunity to receive LTP classes, or attend state or national conferences. Up to 5 % of the three year rolling average of the NIAAA Endowment Fund may be used annually toward this purpose. These professional outreach opportunities are conducted in cooperation with state athletic administrator associations. The effort offers educational opportunities, as well as introduction to the beneficial programs and information available to athletic administrators through the NIAAA. State’s can request participation in the program by downloading and completing the application.

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