Q and A on “Dear Colleague”


 This letter is intended to provide you with more information relative the “Dear Colleague” letter recently released from the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights on the matter of providing accommodations for disabled students who wish to participate in your athletic programs.  The NIAAA Board of Directors spent time at the recent board meeting discussing this topic and many of the issues related to this topic. There will be workshops on this subject at the Anaheim national conference in December. The LTI team is also developing a presentation to be used as one of the LTC 710A topics in December. The focus of this module will be to identify for you the many programs that have been and are currently being used to successfully accommodate disabled athletes in individual schools, individual school districts, county wide districts and in some cases statewide.

In an effort to keep you abreast of any and all available information related to this topic, the NIAAA office will be meeting with other agencies and gathering as much information as is available with the intent of passing such information to you.

In the present, we hope the attached Q & A document will answer some of the many questions you currently have on this topic. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to call Mike or myself at

Bruce Whitehead, CMAA
Executive Director

Q And A Document


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