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The NIAAA provides various publications and tools to help you in your work. To order any of the products listed below, please visit our online store.


The Professional Development Academy handbook includes detailed course descriptions, information about the certification program and Leadership Training Institute, assessment and educational initiatives. Download the NIAAA Professional Development Academy Handbook


The Interscholastic Athletic Administration (IAA) magazine is published four times a year by the NIAAA. It is included in NIAAA membership dues, but can be subscribed for without belonging to the organization. The magazine contains articles on a wide spectrum of topics which are beneficial to the school athletic or activities director. Annual Subscription is $15.


This CD format available through the NIAAA office for $30 provides practical materials, successful methods, innovative strategies, checklists and numerous examples of forms, letters and evaluation tools useful to the athletic administrator. The manual on CD features information addressing Athletics and the Law, Risk Management, Personnel, Finance, Turf Management, Public Relations, Student-Athlete Guidelines, Sportsmanship, Fundraising and Promotions and much more. The CD version allows the athletic administrator to download the various forms and modify for use in the administrators’ school. NOTE: If one is planning to take LTC 502, this publication is included in the course materials. (Exception to this is the on-line version of LTC 502 – Publication is available at discounted price to those who take on-line version. Please contact NIAAA office.)


At one time confined almost exclusively to colleges, today hazing has become a much more significant issue at the high school level with over 1.5 million incidents reported each year. One unit on the DVD will inform students and parents: ” What is hazing? ” What are the results and consequences of hazing? ” What can be done to prevent it from happening? A second unit on the DVD will inform Athletic and Activity Administrators, Principals, and Coaches: ” What is hazing? ” Why does hazing take place? ” Hazing and the Law. ” Why anti-hazing school policies and procedures are important. A third unit on the DVD will catalog every states anti-hazing adopted laws.


(Replaces V-KNOW; V-ROLE; V-RMOFF; V-AMR and the combo V-RMSD Videos)
New October 2007

The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations have collaborated to produce two videos on one DVD regarding risk management. Both videos stress the importance of minimizing risk in high school sports. The first video, which is six minutes in length, is directed toward parents and students. This video discusses the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own safety by communicating with coaches and administrators. The second video, which is 15 minutes in length, is directed toward administrators and coaches. This video focuses on the 14 duties, or general areas of concern, administrators and coaches must consider when working with high school sports.


This DVD provides instructions as to the correct process to construct a baseball/softball pitchers mound as well as batters boxes.


This DVD provides instructions and proper techniques for the Line-to-Gain crew. Since this crew is an extension of the officiating crew, it is important the Line-to-Gain crew is knowledgable of their job and efficient at performing their task. To order, click here.


This DVD provides instructions and proper techniques for the Care and Maintenance of skin infields.The DVD includes types of compounds to use on skin infields, proper dragging techniques and corrct methods for water removal. Order from the NIAAA office.


A Profile of Athletic Administration is a free publication. This document will provide a clear description of athletic administration in today’s ever-changing school environment. An excellent publication for administrators and school boards. Click here to download or call our office to order hard copies.

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Sports and Safety Posters for your School

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 NIAAA’s Book “Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration”

NIAAA’s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration is a comprehensive resource for high school athletic directors and for those aspiring to be school-based sport administrators. The 16 chapters were written by NIAAA-selected athletic directors who have demonstrated great aptitude in addressing aspects of the role, including leadership, operations, financial and facilities management, and other chief administrative responsibilities. This guidebook features the best practices in high school athletic administration and provides guidelines and background knowledge complemented by specific strategies and techniques.

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In addition, Human Kinetics offers a 15% discount available to individual NIAAA members only. Contact NIAAA for details.

Athletes for a Better World Book “Winning More Than The Game” 

Athletes for a Better World founder Fred Northup has developed a Code for Living and has written this book to assist coaches and parents in enhancing the life experiences of youth participating in sports. The book uses the Code for Living to challenge the reader to take responsibility as an individual, as a member of a team and as a member of society.

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