Secure Email Communications

Email accounts using the school name for your coaches, teachers and students that are safe and secure. Click below to learn more!

Get your NIAAA webmail

DigitalTown delivers Software-as-a-Service TrustedWebmail as a web based email platform available in the cloud anywhere.

Trusted Webmail is a great secondary option for schools to solve email solution requirements. Our email also provides fundraising opportunities for sport teams and booster clubs. By placing banner ads and text links on their websites they will earn money for each new customer that registers an email address. 

Since emails can be monitored school volunteers can now safely communicate with students through Trusted Webmail. Sports programs can now have one fixed email address for each team. For example:


Safety and security is number one. TrustedWebmail will not collect information to show users ads, expose email accounts to social media marketing practices, or analyze and track their activity using social analytics for commercial purposes. Your data is kept confidential.

Verified Webmail, no ads, no chat rooms

Each user account’s identification is verified on different levels. TrustedWebmail uses no embedded advertising in the email platform which projects a professional look in sending and receiving webmail. Keeping safety in mind there is no access to chat rooms of any kind within the system.

Low Cost No Contract $5 per person per year

TrustedWebmail is very affordable making budgeting very predictable. No contracts needed.


DigitalTown applications with minors in mind TrustedWebmail and TrustedCellphone applications provide the first low cost solution for webmail and phone communication history logs. Coaches, teachers, schools, parents, organizations and businesses can now communicate with minors safely and professionally. Protect kids and yourself with predator adverse tools.

Domain Branding

With over 25,000 domains names to pick through for your own email account TrustedWebmail has the webmail account you need. Choose from seven categories, School Spirit (high school name + mascot), Education, Sports, Mascots, Professional/Business, Community/State/City and Status. More than 800 million premium first name webmail addresses are in the School Spirit.

Cost Effective

Cost effective archiving With the incoming email forwarding feature, TrustedWebmail is a very low cost effective way of archiving email.

Administrator Level Control

With simple Administrative tools like administrative password level access to all email accounts, 10 pack email accounts for larger organizations, with unique naming control, mid level account executives to manage 10 packs, and email forwarding included at no extra cost. TrustedWebmail is the first platform design for consumer, small business and the price conscious school market.

Simple and user Friendly

TrustedWebmail is designed to be a user friendly experience built on the SmarterMail Platform. SmarterTools, including SmartMail is used by more than 15 million endusers.

K12 Youth Sports and NIAAA Compliant

TrustedWebmail supports k-12 and youth sports. A portion of your purchase supports this cause. TrustedWebmail complies with all the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (“NIAAA”) new suggested guidelines for webmail. Visit to see the guidelines.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program, revenue share
Its so simple! As an affiliate, you’ll direct customers to TrustedWebmail through banner ads or text links on your site so they can start their TrustedWebmail account. Schools, teams, booster clubs and business can promote and earn revenue at the same time. You will receive payments on a regular monthly schedule. Sign up at 

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